Certified Management System IQNET

ISO 9001

A company that obtains this certification adopts international standards within its organisational system that apply to all business processes, from sales to purchasing management, production, etc. These processes must be proven by keeping appropriate documentation (quality manual, procedures, instructions) and all the results of “quality-oriented efforts” within the company must be reflected in appropriate forms.
Sistema di managemente certificato

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a voluntary international standard aimed at certifying the Environmental Management System of organisations. This certification is issued by an independent accredited body and is addressed to any public or private organisation that undertakes to assess and improve its environmental efficiency in terms of: keeping a close watch on the environmental facilities of its operations; ongoing improvement of performance in a consistent, effective and sustainable way; compliance with its environmental policy; employee engagement; communication with stakeholders.

Organisational and Risk Management Model pursuant to Italian legislative decree 231/2001

Imball Nord has obtained conformity to Legislative Decree 231/2001 in recognition of the continuous efforts made to develop major projects aimed at improving organisational aspects and protecting the work of all resources, according to the values of safety and administrative responsibility. The 231 Model is a voluntary tool that businesses can adopt to prevent a whole range of offences and ensure high levels of law compliance rating.
Riparatore EPAL

Epal italian technical committee

It is the operator of EUR and EPAL, the international product brand that distinguishes the most widespread reusable pallet interchange system in Europe. The Italian Technical Committee organises and controls the production and repair chain across the national territory, issuing licences to manufacturers and repairers, performing product and process audits at approved companies’ facilities to ensure product and process conformity, appropriate use of the brand, brand originality and technical quality.
Soggetto autorizzato FIT OK


It is the body that, under the supervision of the National Phytosanitary Service, organises and controls the production chain related to wooden packaging and wooden packaging components to ensure the appropriate plant-health treatment required under FAO International Standard ISPM 15.
Prevenzione e riutilizzo


The Monitoring System presented by Conlegno won CONAI/Rilegno recognition. It allows subsidies to be applied when calculating the CAC (Conai Environmental Contribution) on wooden pallets. Companies that meet the requirements of the new CONAI procedures apply a 40% reduction of the CAC on the weight of used wooden pallets and 60% on the weight of both used and new EPALs.
Per ortofrutta


In order to ensure compliance with EU standards, the CONIP Consortium has drafted a specific “manual” governing the procedures to be followed by companies for the production of plastic crates intended to come into contact – limited to the fruit and vegetable sector – with foodstuffs listed in Annex V to Ministerial Decree dated 21 March 1973, as amended from time to time.
The Consortium has also created a “for fruit and vegetables” logo certifying that the plastic crates on which it is affixed guarantee:
Traceability of the materials used in the production of the crates;
Compliance with the uniform production system and the procedures defined in the MANUAL drafted by the Consortium;
Compliance with Community and national rules on packaging intended to come into contact with foodstuffs (fruit and vegetables).

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