New plastic pallets are the real alternative to ISPM-15-treated wooden pallets. They are equally priced but do not involve red tape and do not require mandatory purchasing certifications and there is no limit to minimum quantities that can be ordered. Moreover, they are light, strong, washable and resistant to mould and humidity. Here is our range of new pallets.


Title: 600×400 Mini
Code: 0604MINI
Size: 600×400
Static upload: 500 kg
Dynamic upload: 250 kg
Title: 1100 x 1200 Medium
Code: 110120MD
Size: 1100×1200
Static upload: 1200 kg
Dynamic upload: 700 kg
Title: 1200 x 1200 Medium
Code: 120120MD
Size: 1200×1200
Static upload: 1200 kg
Dynamic upload: 700 kg


The wooden pallet recovery system used by Imball Nord limits post-consumption wood waste. Thanks to its production process and the expertise of its employees, our company ensures high quality production standards, while contributing to environment protection.

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