Market globalisation has led to an increase in trades between countries.

Sometimes harmful organisms have been introduced and have spread through wooden packaging material. It has therefore become necessary to reduce the risk of possible infestation by introducing certain phytosanitary measures to avoid possible financial and environmental impacts on the world’s forest heritage. Treatment prior to shipment consists of the phytosanitary measure identified by the IPPC and is the basis on which the International Standard ISPM‐15 rests.

This Standard requires raw wood packaging to be heat treated – HT, and then certified with the IPPC/FAO mark.

Imball Nord is an ISPM-15 authorized entity for the marketing, selection and repair of IPPC/FAO-branded wooden pallets.

Our FITOK licence No. is IT – 05 – 141.



Thanks to its extensive logistics network, collaborations with many distribution centres and partners from different product sectors, Imball Nord provides full waste management services across Northern and Central Italy, branching out to neighbouring European countries

Logypal-branded plastic pallets are the fruits of the long experience gained by Imball Nord, as a result of a quality process using recycled plastic to create a range of environmentally sustainable high-performance pallets.

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